Voyeur Teens 33

Released - Oct 2006 Duration - 90 minutes
Director - Alex Rotten
Series - Voyeur Teens
Finally, the waiting's over! It took some time to obtain genuine new footage for this volume, but it's worth the wait! No girls over twenty, no fat chicks and no ugly ones either! This is solid, genuine, fresh beautiful teens at their best! Guys everywhere are filming their sisters, step-daughters, room mates and cousins! Times they are a- changin'! Young women are hornier than ever and they know how to masturbate, just look at music videos these days, for God's sake! It's all sex! We get a lot of these shots, but only the youngest (18+) and cutest make it onto Voyeur Teens!
Duration - 00:16:04
Positions - Laying
Duration - 00:16:11
Positions - Sitting, Laying
Duration - 00:09:50
Positions - Sitting, Laying
Duration - 00:15:20
Positions - Sitting, Laying, Kneeling
Duration - 00:17:08
Sex Acts - Masturbation
Positions - Laying
Duration - 00:15:29
Positions - Sitting, Laying