Abduction Of Chloe

Released - Mar 2006 Duration - 75 minutes
Director - Skye Blue
In our continued effort to bring you the finest in fetish fare, we are proud to present The Chloe Collection, a collection of three extremely hot and sexy bondage videos on one DVD! These are the original videos, unedited and digitally re-mastered especially for this DVD compilation. Prepare yourself for over three hours of bondage entertainment starring Chloe, Summer Knight, Kara Laymen and Ruby Richards in Innocent's Initiation reveal in the S&M action in Bound To Submit with Olivia Outre and Brooke Waters, then sit back and enjoy Chloe with star Summer Cumming at their kinky best! A bevy of bound and gagged women awaits you in these three fantastic full length videos all on this one amazing DVD!
Duration - 00:22:13
Stars - Chloe Nicolle
Positions - Standing
Duration - 00:13:55
Positions - Laying, Sitting
Duration - 00:12:39
Positions - Laying, Sitting, Standing