Princess Memory

Duration - 27 minutes
Categories - Feature, Anime, International
Series - Princess Memory
The story begins with Collin's encounter with a beautiful girl, Feelia, in his dream. That morning, lured by Feelia's voice, he heads toward a cave -- only to be warned by an elder of his village not to go near it. That day, Lily, an adventurer, comes to stay at his inn. Collin discovers that Lily has come to his village to explore the dangerous cave. That night, Lily ends up seducing Collin and makes him agree to enter the cave with her. Once inside the cave, Lily and Collin come across a large group of Nuvolians. They're the intelligent inhabitants of the cave. Collin learns from the elder of the Nuvolians that a white flower, which may help to save Feelia, exists deep within the cave. Without hesitation, Lily and Collin follow the directions given by this creature and search for the flower. Meanwhile, unable to sit and wait for Collin to return, Pony and Sallian enter the cave, only to be captured by a monster. The Episode concludes as Collin presents the white flower to Fellia, who begs him to save her, although Feelia no longer appears deaf and dumb, her soul is still trapped somewhere else.
Duration - 00:12:33
Duration - 00:14:36