Bob's Line 191: Caught Peeking Up Crissy's Skirt

Released - May 2004 Duration - 94 minutes
Director - Bob Alexander
Series - Bob's Line
CRISSY MORAN knows what you like to do! She knows you watch her lovely nylon clad legs all day, hoping for just the right peek up her skirt. She enjoys putting on a delectable little show for you, prancing about the office, showing off her perfect r h & t nylons on her perfect legs and feet. Crissy even gets right up on top of her deck and lets you look all you want right up her skirt. She likes it so much she gets all gooey and finally just has to show you how wet she is. ANASTASIA PIERCE reflects a prim and classy secretarial ook, and demonstrates a seductive strip tease right at her desk that is all business! She even takes a cigarette break, kicking off her business pumps and revealing black r h & t hose and plenty of peeks at her lacy underthings and beyond. PHOENIX RAY has a more youthful sweater, red skirt and black leather boots on her pantyhosed legs, glasses and a no-nonsense business look as she waits alone in an empty office. Bored she gradually stimulates herself to the point where she can't help but finish things off. Fortunately her favorite toy materializes from her purse and plunges deep into the squishy problem, nicely solving both her own boredom and yours!
Duration - 00:12:24
Stars - Crissy Moran
Sex Acts - Footplay
Positions - Sitting
Duration - 00:33:21
Sex Acts - Footplay, Smoking
Positions - Sitting
Duration - 00:19:31
Stars - Phoenix Ray
Positions - Sitting