Bear Bear Bear

Duration - 101 minutes
More Bears Please. When horny bears Jax Slade and Jude Ashe decided to invite a third over for fun, they knew they needed a cute vers friend like Puppy Agyo to fill all the holes that needed filling. After getting in from dinner, Jude and Jax left just enough room for dessert. Guy English and Joe Hardness find a bag of sex toys. What a surprise to discover they belonged to Marc Angelo. We needed to see what the furry Doctor Nick could do when invited over to connect with sexy, playful giants Bruce Hudson and Jack Ambrose. We weren't disappointed by any means. Bruce takes position behind Jack and fucked his hole before taking Doctor Nick's ass for a ride, well worth the price of a ticket, before shooting a huge load. Pup Kairo and Gabe Duval are doing what pups do best. They take turns mounting Tiger, burying their bones deep in his hole, growling, grunting, and panting before pumping out tasty cum treats!