Trooper Bangers

Released - Feb 2024 Duration - 74 minutes
Minute Usage Rate - 2.0x
Horny soldier Maverick Sun thought he finally had a chance for some quality time with his dildo, but his roommates walk in on him, and Malik Delgaty threatens to report it! Kenzo Alvarez tells the hunk to chill out... and that night after lights out, he sticks his dick through a hole in the mattress for Maverick to suck. Malik cums in a sock as his roomies break regulations, and Kenzo fucks Maverick doggystyle way better than his dildo could. Kenzo pounds the bottom in missionary and spoon, reaching around to stroke him till he cums, and gives Maverick a facial. When the bottom finds Malik's cum sock, he realizes the top wasn't as uninterested as he seemed. Braxton Cruz and Trent King find Malik Delgaty polishing his boots. The troops head to the shooting range, and as Malik shoots and Trent calls out the headings. Braxton takes out his hard cock and sticks it in Trent's mouth, then fucks him from behind. When Malik notices what his fellow troops are up to, he puts his boner through the divider for Trent to suck as the bottom rides Braxton! The horny soldier fucks Trent doggystyle, then the bottom rides him till they cum. Malik Delgaty, Maverick Sun and their bunkmates are doing some calisthenics, but as their heart rates increase, so do their passions! When the guys start tussling on the floor, Sergeant Bruce Huxley comes in to break it up, and the guys quickly stand at attention. Maverick's little soldier is at attention too, so the sarge orders everyone else out and pushes Maverick to his knees for a blowjob till he cums on the soldier's face. Malik, hiding outside, watches the whole thing, then comes in to get his dick sucked too! He fucks the bottom doggystyle and on his side on the cabinet, before slamming that hole on the bunk till he pulls out and cums.