Ignoring All Distractions

Duration - 110 minutes
Serene Siren returns home with her stepdaughter, Gizelle Blanco. Serene is coming back from a hospital stay, because she was in an accident. She has suffered partial memory loss, so there are certain things that she doesn't remember. Gizelle says that she really missed her, and tries to kiss Serene on the lips. Serene is shocked, so Gizelle stops before their lips touch, realizing that Serene has one particular gap in her memory. Gizelle reveals to Serene that the two of them were actually LOVERS before Serene's accident and offers to jog Serene's memory by having sex with her. Serene is a little nervous but also excited, so she agrees to it. Lexi Lore is working on her homework when her meddling and lustful stepmom, Pristine Edge, enters. Pristine insists on having their SPECIAL quality time, but despite how good that sounds, Lexi is determined to finish her homework first. Pristine is equally determined to get her special quality time! Sophia Locke is reading the newspaper when her stepdaughter, Melody Marks, enters the kitchen. Melody is NOT in a good mood, because she heard that the school board just voted to implement school uniforms. In an act of protest, Melody takes her clothes off, saying that the school can't dictate what Melody wears - or doesn't wear. Sophia demands that Melody put her clothes back on, but Melody refuses. Melody agrees to a compromise... she'll put her clothes back on if Sophia has sex with her!