Friends In Heat Season 2: Revelations

Duration - 25 minutes
Series - Friends In Heat
With Jake Carmichael’s (Justin Yurmouth) brother's future hanging in the balance, Daryl MacDaniels (Brian Bonds) and assistant district attorney Brad Harrington (Luke London) meet with Judge Zach Ramsey (Jayden Jaxx). Reassuring Judge Ramsey they’ll keep Jake’s brother out of trouble, a deal is struck. Serving at the in-between for Darryl and Judge Ramsey, Brad Harrington proves that he’ll do anything to get his client and them off. Dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s, everyone leaves happy. The deal is sealed, and a plan is set into motion. Out on bail, a nonchalant Allen Carmichael (Archer Croft) is spending time with his worried brother Jake. With a prison sentence looming, Allen reveals a secret to Jake and hints that he has a plan of his own to stay out of prison.