Prized Pussy 8

Released - May 2023 Duration - 145 minutes
Series - Prized Pussy
Minute Usage Rate - 2.0x
Beautiful blonde Rossella worked hard cooking dinner when her girlfriend arrives home. But Vera’s got lipstick on her collar! Rossella is shocked and hurt but Vera knows exactly how to get her girlfriend out of her bad mood, massaging and relaxing Rossella. Soon, Vera has her lover nude on the table, and she sits down to eat Rossella's delicious pussy for dinner! Coco de Mal headed to the park and found a bench in a quiet spot next to a flowery meadow. When stunning Hennessy sets up her yoga mat right in front of Coco's bench, the beautiful view gets even better! As she watches Hennessy stretch her flexible body, Coco begins to rub her pussy. Hennessy offers to lend a hand, fingering Coco's clit before licking her sweet pussy. Then they try some moves that have both beauties gasping with pleasure! Darcie and Milana curl up with some popcorn in Darcie's beautiful outdoor home theater. Milana spills popcorn everywhere...including Darcie's cleavage! Milana nibbles the popcorn from between Darcie's big natural tits. The mood quickly turns from spooky to sexy as the best friends begin kissing and exploring each other's beautiful bodies. Loren wants to get her girlfriend Olivia's attention, so she shoots her a flirtatious glance as she cranks up the music and starts a one-woman dance party in their bedroom. Olivia can never resist her lover's playful side, and soon she joins her, pulling off her shirt and baring her big breasts! As the two brunette babes start to work up a sweat, they start wanting to do a different kind of dance! Nerdy freshman Sybil A is thrilled to receive an invitation to pledge to the exclusive HOE sorority. When she arrives at the sorority house, three masked and robed HOE sisters lead her to a candlelit room for her membership challenge. Blonde, golden-masked leader Vinna blindfolds Sybil before testing the studious girl's devotion by rubbing ice all over her slender body! Can Sybil impress the HOEs enough to join their sorority?