Alex Faux's London Tour

Duration - 55 minutes
Minute Usage Rate - 1.5x
This is so fucking hot!! I've never ever met such a sex-mad dirty boy! He spent the night and we shagged so many times and every time we were both obsessing about cum. In fact, he takes me by surprise and as he's wanking off he fucks his own cum up my arse (obviously I'm not complaining but still... dirty boy!). We go to bed and during the middle of the night, it starts again by him backing his bum towards my crotch when we were spooning. I lean over and grab the camera so u can see us doing everything - we never want you to miss out. Things get really out of control fast when he starts going on the apps. You're never ever, ever going to believe this but I swear it to be true, he gets both of us invited to a sex party early hrs of the morning! You couldn't make this up. I keep the camera rolling so u can see these guys are actually my fucking neighbors. There's this lad who's absolutely fit AF, it's his flat and he invited us over. This is the hottest time I've filmed to date by far. The vid is too horny to miss!! It's so wrong (but in a good way). After fucking this proper stunning posh 18yr privately educated dirty-minded fucker all night he went online and found us some guys. 2 sexy lads come up from the bedrooms and are obviously up 4 it. Anything bareback just gets me hard so much, so getting to know and then watching this handsome little fucker get fingered bareback with my cum 3 times with 3 different cum ice spunk loads, then me cum in him 3 more times then us go to this random apartment and go crazy with these 5 guys is a dream come true. I film these lads all taking turns coming inside his arse, over his bum cheek, round his bum hole, fucking everywhere! I can't believe how much sex and cum this boy's had in one day n night after staying in the oval flat with us and the whole thing is even better when u make friends with them.
Duration - 00:19:45
Stars - Alex Faux
Duration - 00:36:04
Stars - Alex Faux