Bottom Robbie

Duration - 45 minutes
Minute Usage Rate - 1.5x
If you don't know anything else about him, you at least know Anthony Romero is a bottom; yet every once in a while he meets someone he insatiably wants to fuck. He first works Robbie's cock like it's a job (because even a blow job is a job, right?). Anthony then climbs on top of Robbie and fucks him until Robbie is lying on the floor completely satisfied and covered in cum. If you're half as much of a fan of huge cocks as we are, you're in for a treat here. Austin starts out by massaging Robbie, but knowing what's in his sweatpants, that doesn't last long. He flips him over, makes out with him, then gets what he came here for - Robbie's huge 10" cock. And nothing says "I'm enjoying myself way too much" like a huge smile on your face while getting your brains fucked out. Enjoy!