The Roomie And The Mover

Duration - 50 minutes
Minute Usage Rate - 1.5x
We've probably all had the fantasy of having a roommate that you could just come home to, fuck, and go about your day. For these two, that's a reality. James gets up from his nap to a horny Ty coming home. And what better way too? With few words exchanged, they're upstairs, getting naked and swallowing each others' dicks. Ty fucks James in a few positions even manages to choke James in each of them, per James' request/demand. This is as real as sex can get. Ty was moving into a new place so he called Brandon and asked if he could come over and help him with the move. When looking at the task at hand they made a decision that the heavy lifting needed to be done first and then the move-out would be second. Ty was horny since it had been 4 days and he wanted to get down to the business at hand! He noticed Brandon needed a little manscaping before he was going to toss that salad so manscaping was done and then the salads were tossed! After the appetizer was finished Ty decided some serious fucking was the only way to satisfy his hunger. You'll catch all the hot, sweaty, rough sex that ended up with Brandon's just dessert - a mouth full of Ty's delicious load.