Girl-Girl Hardcore 342: Girl Girl Sex

Duration - 115 minutes
Director - Abby Winters
As Adriana brushes Elysa's flowing dark hair, they begin to caress each other's legs. In between kisses, Elysa lifts off Adriana's shirt, while Adriana pulls down Elysa's velour shorts, and their excitement builds as their nipples rub together. They lay atop one another to enjoy a sultry 69. Then Elysa sits on Adriana's face and moans in ecstasy as her friend's tongue massages her pussy. Standing before a window that allows sunshine to illuminate their nude figures, the girls hold each other tight, as they continue kissing. Adriana then gets on the floor before Elysa, and goes down on her, while gazing up adoringly. After her orgasm, Elysa repays Adriana by kneeling behind her, and penetrating her hard with her fingers, while gently licking her bum cheeks. As Adriana builds towards a climax, she shuts her eyes and reaches back to clutch Elysa's glossy hair. Deeply satisfied, the girls beam at each other in bed, then drift off to have a rest with their faces nuzzled together. Ciara removes Bianca's top with her teeth, and playfully nuzzles her face between her friend's pillowy breasts, to worship them squeezing and sucking. Her fingers deep inside, Ciara lovingly laps and strokes Bianca's fleshly vulva. Ciara sighs as they kiss. Vigorous scissoring lets their shaved pussies melt together, and they take turns bending over for sensual rimming. Then Ciara spreads her legs and invites Bianca to stuff her panties into her. Bianca looks enthralled as the elegant fabric disappears into her vagina. She giggles with joy as tender strokes make Ciara squirt through the panties, then she pushes them deeper inside for an awe-inspiring orgasm.
Duration - 00:51:14
Stars - Adriana, Elysa
Positions - Kneeling, Laying, Standing
Duration - 01:03:57
Stars - Bianca *, Ciara
Positions - Kneeling, Laying, Sitting