Girl-Girl Hardcore 340: Girl Girl Sex

Duration - 122 minutes
Director - Abby Winters
Eve grinds her clit on Zina’s tongue while getting her boobs cuddled, and reaches back to masturbate her friend, until they tremble with arousal. That flows into a passionate 69 filled with gentle licking and sucking, before the firls take turns reclining on pillows, to be eatenout to bliss orgasms. After a wave of pleasure washes over Eve, they laugh when Zina exclaims, “Such a juicy pussy! So delicious!” Then Eve goes down on Zina making her arch her back with a breathtaking climax. Eve’s mouth is dripping wet, and Zina tells her, “I like it!”, as they curl up and make out.
Duration - 00:59:49
Stars - Eve, Zina
Positions - Kneeling, Laying
Duration - 01:02:12
Stars - Gizela, Adetina
Positions - Kneeling, Laying