Proof Of Age Please

Duration - 33 minutes
Minute Usage Rate - 1.5x
Adam hit me up on Twitter just days after creating his account. He had 42 Followers at the time. Now, just days after our scene he has 1,601 Followers! He was very upfront about his age and sent me his ID right away, which I included in the video so that nobody worries! At 18, I expected him to be nervous and hesitant... But he honestly did really great! He was able to relax a bit and enjoy the moment, which is all I ask of anyone I work/play with. I made sure to include almost all the footage, even if it isn't the hardcore norm. The soft touches, kisses, and tender fucking are what makes this 2 part video very special. I tried my best to make his VERY FIRST VIDEO one that was comfortable, tender at times, and sexy as hell!! He came over around noon so we played on the top floor and got some great natural light on that 18 year old skin! In this Part 2 I start eating his ass, then Fuck him slowly... working my big dick in his tight virgin hole. He said he has bottomed several times before, but his hole was still the tightest thing I've ever felt. To be totally honest I never got it 100% in, but that wasn't the goal. My goal was simply to stretch him out until it became uncomfortable, then I eased off when he said to. Turn up your volume and watch his cute face... you can see when my dick starts to hurt him- and like a good Daddy I was very respectful! I bust a huge load at the end, which is rare for me since normally I'm not a big shooter!
Duration - 00:20:05
Sex Acts - Oral Sex, Anal Sex
Duration - 00:13:26
Sex Acts - Oral Sex
Positions - Sitting