Sex Sells

Duration - 102 minutes
It is the future, but all is not well. Brooke Banner and her stepdaughter, Skye Blue, are very sad because something is about to change their lives forever. At the stroke of midnight, their type of love will be outlawed and a neural signal will prevent them from having sexual thoughts about each other. Brooke and Skye decide to have sex with each other one last time, to cherish every minute they have left. Christie Stevens and her stepdaughter Emma Starletto are standing in a driveway, doing a car wash for charity outside their house. But they are not having any success. Christie suggests that they make the car wash sexy. They decide to run into the house to change into sexier attire. It totally works and as the car wash progresses, the sexual tension between them is only mounting. Jessica Ryan is resting in bed when she is greeted by her loving stepdaughter, Percy Sires. It is Jessica's birthday and Percy wants it to be special! In fact, she's going to do everything for Jessica that Jessica does for her, including all the cooking and cleaning. She doesn't want her dear stepmom to lift a finger!