Just Messin' Around, Bro

Duration - 92 minutes
Minute Usage Rate - 2.0x
“The funniest thing about working with “straight” or supposedly straight guys is their self-defined comfort level, and how soon you can crack it. When you first talk a closet case or legitimate straight guy into doing something sexual on camera with another guy, it usually comes with some sort of feeble stipulation. “I can’t kiss,” or “I won’t suck dick,” or “There’s no way I’m taking anything up the ass.” Well, a little smooth talking and some more cash usually smooths out those edges. But it’s interesting nonetheless where a guy will draw the line, as if not kissing a guy makes you straight, even though your deepthroating him and letting him breed you. The best tack, as a porn director of the gay4pay genre, is usually just to frame the whole thing as messin’ around. It almost makes it sound fun. And trust me, once these guys have the cover (and justification) they need, most of them will just go full on gay without a lot of prompting. Hard dicks abound usually, and their cumshots are huge. So who’s fooling who, here? This set of scenes has a lot of raging hard boners, hard deep fucking, and excellent cocksucking. Sometimes I’ll put a straight guy with a gay guy, or sometimes two “straight guys” together. It almost always turns out the same regardless, two young hotties getting off together. And that is fantastic."