Suzie School Girl

Duration - 78 minutes
Categories - Fetish, Schoolgirls, Uniform, Gonzo
Stars - Suzie, Dick, Tom *, Harry
Studio - Amateur Sugar
Ok, we're not asking anyone to believe that Suzie is a schoolgirl. We realize she's 24. But she is finally going to college, after a stint in the Navy and a brief marriage. What is important is that our starlet looks great in a schoolgirl outfit. The video begins with Suzie treating Tom to a long luxurious handjob, followed by a soft warm blow job. Lucky Tom then gets to fuck Suzie in four different positions until he finally cums so hard that one burst actually lands in a surprised Suzie's ear!
Duration - 00:18:41
Stars - Suzie
Duration - 00:20:00
Stars - Suzie
Sex Acts - Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex