Trannylicious 2

Released - Sep 2018 Duration - 161 minutes
Series - Trannylicious
TRANNYLICOUS 2 takes an the viewer on a joyous mouth watering trip into just what makes someone soooo trannylicious. Just how sweet is a trans woman? Ahhh you shall soon find out. Sweeter than the sugar ceral that coats her Khloe rises from the white milk touching her perky little titties as her luscious and savory pussycock emerges. Soaked in sweetened milk it’s like a warm breakfast cream filled pastry baking for you to put in your mouth. From there she takes us on an oil drenched cruise as she applies the substance all over her body and strokes her trannypole in the hot sun while on a float. Soon Sgt Miles and his massively huge and thick veined and swollen blood bomber joins her in the pool where they proceed to get it on. He power fucks her tight little sugar hole for all she is worth and leaves her encrusted in salty man juice to end the scene. Ryder Monroe gets covered in whipped cream as her man Michael Del Rey definitely has a sweet tooth. Lickingand eating her body he soon finds himself sucking on her teeny little girl dick. Now that is one nice clit. He is rock hard and needing to plough deep into her succulent little sphincter and he does so with a passion. Another wonderful trannylicious afternoon love session ends in a shower of jizz all over his trans girlfriend. Kendall loves coating herself in oil. Just standing out there in the hot sun drenching herself feels so good. Herbig firm tranny titties love baking in the sun. Her balls hang low as she rubs them in oil. Soon enough she is in the boudoir and ready for some massive cock from her trans loving man. He is all over her sweet body, kissing and lick and sucking her big balls and cock. And talk about cock sucking. Watch in awe as Kendall grabs ahold of Wills balls squeezing them hard and stroking his throbbing massive pole. He fucks her all over the bed and shoots a gigantic load down her throat and all over her face. That’s what we call Trannylicious.