Double Header Grand Slam

Duration - 50 minutes
Director - Mark Gemini
Alexey, the Russian Cannon and Link, a blonde stoner-surfer, have been friends for a couple of years now. They’ve done several videos together and actually hang together in their own time. This video came from them wanting to go to the beach, and including Mark Gemini. The guys start out getting themselves in shape for the beach and that includes inspecting, trimming and worshiping each other’s blonde armpits then they head to the beach where the run, play in the warm salt water and relax. Toward the end of the day when they are exhausted, they relax on a towel and talk about their day and what they want next. Of course sex is on the agenda, and they seal it with a kiss. Back home, it’s clear that each wants to get fucked, so what to do when there are bottoms and no top? They have an idea and bring out a double headed dildo from the Toy Box. They start kissing and sucking and playing with their asses and end up shooting on each other’s tanned faces!