POV Jerk Off Instructions 2

Duration - 59 minutes
Director - Alex Skorpio
Nanny Chessie Kay laughs at your tiny penis. She mocks you as she plays with her tits and pussy. She shows off her feet and her ass while teasing you about your small dick. She uses a dildo to show you how big a real man is. She makes you stroke your cock while she fingers herself. She counts you down until you cum. Daughter Anastasia Love shows off her Chinese prom dress. She misses the days when you played with her, spanked her, made her play with your cock. She teases you with her feet and shoes. She strips off the dress and plays with her tits, her pussy, her ass. She encourages you to jerk off so the two of you can come together. You walk in on your neighbor Astrid Star. She likes what she sees and decides to strip for you. She plays with her big tits and pussy. She encourages you to stroke your cock for her as she shows off her ass and fingers herself. You masturbate until you both cum together.
Duration - 00:21:05
Stars - Chessie Kay
Sex Acts - Masturbation
Positions - Sitting, Standing
Duration - 00:19:25
Stars - Anastasia Rose
Sex Acts - Masturbation
Positions - Standing
Duration - 00:19:06
Stars - Astrid Star
Sex Acts - Masturbation
Positions - Laying, Sitting