Master-Sessions: Barbara D. And Biggy B.

Released - Jul 2008 Duration - 79 minutes
Director - Art De Bohr
Series - Master-Sessions
Hard but cool is this authentic SM series! Nature-minded girls go into the hands of experienced masters to intensively experience agony, submission, humiliation, devotion and extreme lust. Master Loki with Barbara B. from Prague experiences breast-teasing with nipple suckers, spike wheel, and braces. Penetrations anal and vaginal with dildo and rubber fist. Hot candle wax. Master Hagen X with Biggy B. from Berlin - hard tit play with braces and whip. She is used as a decoration object, garnished and penetrated with fruit and a bottle. Whipped hard all over. Dildo stretching anal and vaginal. Intense lust exercises to orgasm with hot wax.