Give Me Shelter

Released - May 2018 Duration - 31 minutes
Director - Missa X
Series - Give Me Shelter
Ivy eyes the plate of food in front of Mr. White. She shakes her hunger off and begins to answer his question, "I left home two years ago when I was 16, and my home life was a bad situation. I couch-surfed with my friends and paying them a little from my job at a diner. I almost saved enough to get my own place. My boss, unfortunately, had certain expectations that I could not fulfill," Ivy looks down reminiscing, "So I left there, and he told my girlfriends that if I stayed at their house, he'd fire them!" That was a year ago. Chad looks at Ivy sympathetically, "And where have you been staying for the last year?" He slides his plate of food her way. Ivy warmly smiles, "thank you," she shovels the food in her mouth. One, two, three shovels of food in her mouth. She feels Mr. White staring at her, and realizes how unladylike she looks. She swallows quickly and composes herself. "I should tell you that I am no freeloader. Do you want some water, how about a soda?" "No thank you, this is so wonderful." She takes a bite, and wonders about Mr. White, and his wife's women's shelter. "Can you tell me about yourself?" "Well I'm the county commissioner. My father and his father were the commissioner before me. I also work with the Sheriff and the leaders in our religious community in keeping our city safe." Ivy is impressed, "Wow. And your wife?" Like I said, my wife won't be home for a while. Ivy wonders if she's overstepped her welcome already. Watch the story unfold.
Duration - 00:30:59
Stars - Ivy Wolfe