Lara's Men In Uniform

Released - Jan 2013 Duration - 134 minutes
Director - Jim Slip
Ladies' have you ever been in hospital and had dirty thoughts about the doctors in their white coats and the consultants who are the epitome of safety and responsibility. With their stethoscopes draped around their necks' have you ever wanted to casually faint and see if they come running? Or maybe you've wanted to play your own adult version of doctors and nurses. Well thats what Lara and her 2 physicians get up to in a ward where even the patient joins in! Air hostess Lara and Captain Perry have landed in Europe on a stop over and unfortunately instead of them having 2 rooms to check in too' there's only one. Lara loves the room' but Captain Perry is less impressed until he remembers what air hostesses wear under their uniform. Returning from WWII' Laras husband Kai has bought his pal Andy to rest at their house for a few days. Kai tells Andy that Lara is a nymphomaniac' a term which he is unfamiliar with until he is told in round-a-bout terms' that Lara loves sex and especially sex with multiple men in a uniform. Have you ever wanted to dress up as a common prostitute and be ravaged by two bicep bulging sailors. Lara is waiting by the docks when she hears a commotion. She listens and sees two sailors who've been turned away from a club' coming down the stairs onto her patch. She's loves sailors as they're often just on shore leave for the night and are so desperate for sex due to being at sea for months on end. Laras car needs some repairs and also a service and she has heard of a garage that is notorious amongst her circle of friends. She drives in and is approached by a mechanic called Seth who introduces his workmate Demitri. Laras suspicions are first aroused when Demitri has a bad back that has gone into spasm and only Laras 'healing hands' via a massage will cure it.