TS Pussy Hunters 4: Dive Bar Hookups

Released - Mar 2017 Duration - 158 minutes
Series - TS Pussy Hunters
Minute Usage Rate - 2.0x
Transsexual hookups at dive bars. Stefani sneaks Mandy, after hours, into her Uncle's bar. It's the first time they have been alone together all night. Stefani reveals her hard cock and Mandy doesn't miss a beat! She shoves Stefani's cock in her mouth and sucks her off. The ass fucking and pussy fucking happens everywhere and anywhere in this dirty bar. After Foxxy easily wins an arm wrestling bet with Freya French, they fuck all over their local biker bar hang out. Freya does a great job of submitting to Foxxy and the girls have a hot late night sex date in the bar. Jessica Taylor has gone to a bar to let off a little steam after a hard day at work. The horny bartender, Michelle, seduces her patron with an awesome foot massage. Michelle then bends Jessica over for a good pussy licking before revealing her hard cock. She spanks her, fucks her pussy then busts a hot load deep into Jessica’s cunt. Tori Mayes meets the beautiful Nikki Hearts in a lesbian dive bar. These women discover they both fantasize about fucking a complete stranger. After some passionate kissing, Tori has a secret to tell Nikki. Nikki is pleasantly surprised after Tori whips out her hard throbbing cock. These girls fuck and suck each other with passion and fury fulfilling each other's "Stranger Fantasy."