Helpless Teens: Crystal Rae 2

Released - Feb 2016 Duration - 25 minutes
Series - Helpless Teens
Lean, leggy, young, dumb and actually full of cum, it was highly unlikely the lovely extreme teen sex fiend, Crystal Rae was going to end up anywhere else but here on Helpless Teens. She loves rough sex, orgasms, spanking, slapping and BDSM, and Bruno is excited to see how far she's willing to go in the pursuit of the ultimate hardcore teen sex scene. This could be it. Bruno finds Crystal to be a willing and eager slave, compliant with all his domination desires, and able to weather his most brutal smacks, deepthroat face fucking and hard finger fucking that makes her involuntarily squirt her sweet, sweet cum. You know she loves it by how her pert pink nipples are harder than diamonds throughout this blazing rough sex session. After some very athletic fuck gymnastics, in numerous positions, Crystal showcases how flexible she is. She also shows us how fucking filthy she is as she holds Bruno's thick massive load of cum in her mouth until after the scene is over and swallows it all down while she is being interviewed. Just, wow!