My First Cream Pie 15

Released - Apr 2018 Duration - 115 minutes
Jericha wants a family but her man hasn't delivered, so she goes to his brother. He tries to be a good guy but Jericha is so insistent that he blew his load in her pussy, he finally gives in! Tricked by Sierra, stepdad puts on a blindfold thinking he's going to fuck his wife! Sneaky Sierra gives him a massage, sucks his dick, and rides his meat until he fills her with cum! Carmen allows her man to fuck her bareback as long as he promises to pull out. He takes that pussy for a ride! She reminds him to pull out, but while she rides him an explosion of white creamy goo seeps out of her pussy! Jill's been fucking her boss, hoping to get a raise, but he's too cheap. She'd never let her boss cum inside her, but his lucky son is going to benefit from Dad's stinginess during this revenge fuck!