Wank Parties Plus From Prague 33

Duration - 62 minutes
Director - William Higgins
We have Niko Kadera, Jan Bavor, Milos Ovcacek and Ondra Vidim. We find Milos and Niko asleep on the bed as Jan is in the bath, being assisted by Ondra. Milos awakes and begins rubbing and kissing Niko. Jan gets out of the bath and Ondra starts to dry his body. As the towel is rubbed over that sexy body Jan and Ondra kiss each other. Ondra reaches for, and gently gropes Jan's cock and balls as they kiss. Meanwhile Niko is fully awake and kisses Milos who responds by pushing Niko onto his back and taking down his underwear so that he can suck his cock. Niko's cock is rock hard as Milos' head bobs up and down on it. Watch as these guys enjoy each other to the fullest. We join Ivan and Filip as they lay on the bed chatting, that leads to kissing as Ivan gropes Filip's cock which seems hard under the covers. Filip also reaches for Ivan's bulging underwear and then the phone rings and he answers it, saying that he needs 30 minutes. Watch what they can do in that time. We join Filip Sebek, Jan Bavor, Ivan Sabado and Nikol Monak as Nikol's big hard cock is being licked and sucked by Filip and Ivan. Meanwhile Jan sucks on Filip's dick. Then Filip sits his hot ass down on Nikol's pole and Ivan slides his throbbing cock into Jan's waiting ass. Jan's ass gets nicely stretched by Ivan's dick and he wanks himself as he takes it. Filip rides up and down on Nikol's hard cock, taking right down to the balls. But this is only the beginning of the hot action.