The Competition 4

Released - Sep 2017 Duration - 22 minutes
Series - The Competition
My sister Jessa is having her best friend, Kissa , over for a sleepover. I try not to notice how obsessed with Kissa that I am. Look at her stunning face, her soulful eyes, her tight body, and that ass. Jessa is teaching Kissa how to dance in the living room and I am trying to play it cool. I've got a major hard on watching my sister teach her how to seductively move her body to the music. She's beautiful, my sister, everyone loves her, but she's a stage five clinger, for sure. Oh no…She’s looking at me. "I need you to teach her how to slow dance," she tells me. She wraps my arms around Kissa and she shows us how to move. Kissa steps on my toe with her heel, and she's embarrassed. "You're doing well, just move a little closer," I pull her into my arms and my chest is touching her's, her breasts. We meet with a kiss. Jessa comes in, drops her water on the floor. She's shocked and angry! "How could you, he's my brother!" She orders her friend to leave the house, but I remind her gently that no one is around to come pick her up. Jessa shakes her head in frustration. She begins to list off the qualities that Kissa has that are not compatible for me, "she's not coordinated, nor ambitious, or smart enough for you!" John grabs her hand affectionately. She kisses me abruptly. My sister kisses me passionately and I feel her tongue glide against mine, I taste her mouth, and I kiss her back. I'm turned on. I'm terrified. She touches her pussy as she watches my sister straddle and grind on top of my lap. Kissa creeps down the stairs, hesitantly. It's a little strange to be kissing my sister. I mean, I was having a good time, sure, but Kissa is obviously interested in me. I want my sister. I want Kissa . Is it so selfish to have both. I tell Jessa that she can't have me unless Kissa is here with us.