TS Seduction: Yasmin Lee - Threesome

Released - May 2009 Duration - 42 minutes
Studio - Kink
Series - TS Seduction
This two part series is Yasmin Lee's threesome fantasy come true. Yasmin seduces two young ad executives onto the dance floor and eventually back to her apartment. As Kyle and Jake get ready for their first threesome, Yasmin slips into something more comfortable - a leather corset, fishnet stockings and deep red lipstick. Kyle is cuffed to the bed and Jake is tied to the chair - each guy watching their friend suck cock and get ravaged in the ass by Yasmin's huge hard cock. Yasmin fucks Jake's face and milks his cock until he pops. "Don't worry, Kyle, "she says "I'll save my load for you..." Once Jake is spent, Yasmin fucks Kyle's ass pulling out just in time to cum on his eager face. And the night is not over yet....part two includes Yasmin fucking like you have never seen her before on TsSeduction.
Duration - 00:13:37
Positions - Standing