Nerd Pervert 28

Released - Apr 2017 Duration - 116 minutes
Director - Paul Taylor
Series - Nerd Pervert
More black mail is on the cards as Chantelle is still sucking off her debts with the nerd. Danielle Darlow decides she wants to redo her audition tape, this means Paul gets another blowjob so he's happy to help out. Sophie Garcia comes to do a topless shoot, but Paul mixes her up with someone else who wants to get into porn, gets his cock out and well there’s some explaining to do, he now has to talk her into porn, something he thought was already happening. Bella Star comes back for more camera training, she's not quite used to the camera yet, but she ends up getting a mouthful of cum as the Nerd believes doing it is the best way to practice.
Duration - 00:28:07
Sex Acts - Oral Sex
Positions - Standing
Duration - 00:21:03
Stars - Danielle Darlow
Positions - Sitting, Standing
Duration - 00:33:37
Stars - Sophie Garcia
Sex Acts - Oral Sex, Stripping
Positions - Sitting, Standing
Duration - 00:33:23
Stars - Bella Star
Positions - Laying, Standing