Shoot Their Loads

Released - Oct 2015 Duration - 25 minutes
Stars - Chris, Marvin
Studio - 80 Gays, CJXXX
Chris gasps as Marvin fucks him, buts cries out for more as his ass is stretched wide. While Marvin pounds his hole, Chris strokes his own cock up and down, the shaft like a black iron bar in his hand. The twinks can feel their jizz rising in their huge black dicks, and squat next to each other, as they jerk themselves off. Their hands move fast along their dicks, as they both want to feel their cocks explode with cum. Marvin shoots first, his cum over their smooth bodies. The smell of spunk makes Chris squirt his jizz, and he mixes it with Marvin’s juices on their glistening skin. The lads squeeze the last delicious drops from their sticky cocks.