French And Arabian Thugs: Lascars Manipules-Trahis-Violes: Viols Dans Ma Cite 4

Duration - 111 minutes
The blocks. For a few hours Costla Prod leaves the cellars and climbs on the floors of high-rise blocks of council flats. Upstairs, the law of the strongest is replaced by the smartest. This is no longer friendly but betrayal, treachery, perfidy, lying, used by these lads to violate asses that interest them. A whole sordid world of predators and manipulators where the sperm is flowing into the mouths of the victims. Coach/football player, best friend/traitor, bastards, liars breaker of couples, manipulators ... This film quickly becomes a story about the life in the suburbs. Unless it's the opposite. This movie surprises by its realism, its ethnic and urban plausible scenarios, far from the usual French movies, and its 9 fantastic player's guns.