Aching Ball Handjobs 30

Released - Aug 2017 Duration - 70 minutes
What makes a man work harder to keep from prematurely blowing his wad faster than a 20 year old Latin beauty from Texas? That’s what this guy has to do when Judas lets him watch her pee, then makes out with him and goes to work on his cock with a slow and teasing handjob.
Duration - 00:09:36
Stars - Judas (f)
Sex Acts - Masturbation, Pissing
Positions - Sitting, Standing
Duration - 00:18:46
Stars - Judas (f)
Sex Acts - Handjob, Pissing, Shaving
Positions - Standing
Duration - 00:38:10
Stars - Judas (f)
Sex Acts - Handjob, Masturbation
Positions - Sitting
Duration - 00:03:41
Stars - Judas (f)
Sex Acts - Pissing