Straight Guys For Gay Eyes: Max Dior And Katy Rose

Released - May 2017 Duration - 27 minutes
Director - Jake Cruise
Max Dior is hanging out at the auto repair shop with nothing to do. Katy Rose walks in to the shop and gives Max a job. It's a blow job, but hey, it's better than doing nothing. Katy gives Max a lot more than oral sex. She sucks his toes and strokes Max's big, uncut cock. Max gives back and eats out her tight slit. Max, hard as a tire iron, lays Katy down on a tire and fucks her hard. She stands up and takes his raw cock from behind. Max lays down on the tire and Katy mounts him facing her man. They go back to a bit more doggy, then Katy sits on Max's prick facing away. Max loves watching Katy's ass bounce up and down on his rod. He pulls out just in time for Katy to grab his dick and stroke it fast until his load flies on to her belly. Katy rubs Max's cum on her body and licks it up.