Sex and Submission: Broken Heroines: A Superhero Parody

Released - May 2012 Duration - 51 minutes
Director - Matt Williams
Many months in the making, this Superhero Parody fetish test movie has it all: high production value, special visual effects, ruthless fucking and Bondage sex! At a secret facility in the desert, a supervillian - the mysterious Doctor - and his henchmen infiltrate the defenses to gain access to the world's only supply of Kryptonite: the only substance that can weaken the superpowers of Earth's superheroes. An epic battle ensues, but Powergirl (Darling), is defeated and taken prisoner. Military top brass have only one option left: call in Supergirl (Lily LaBeau) to rescue Powergirl from the evil supervillians. It's a perilous mission, but she has no choice but to accept. What ensues is one for the books. Watch your favorite super heroines defeated, restrained in unforgiving devices, sucking on hard cocks and fucked mercilessly. From the mind that brought you Operation Americana, Matt Williams.