Everything Butt: Felony Cleaned Out And Anally Splayed Open

Released - Dec 2009 Duration - 46 minutes
Series - Everything Butt
Isis takes things into her own hands when she finds that Felony is lax in her personal grooming. Asshole shaving, enemas & body lotion. Once she is satisfied with the results Isis contorts Felony's body for maximum anal exposure and fucks her expanded asshole. Felony endures her own as well as Isis squirt as her ass is deeply fucked. Once Isis dons her dick, all hell breaks loose as the ass fucking really begins!
Duration - 00:20:51
Stars - Felony, Isis Love
Positions - Standing
Duration - 00:10:13
Stars - Felony, Isis Love
Positions - Laying
Duration - 00:14:55
Stars - Felony, Isis Love