Foot Domination

Released - Jul 2017 Duration - 37 minutes
Series - Foot Domination
Jerky Girls like to humiliate boys using their feet in fact they LOVE to Humiliate boys with their feet! Four Jerky Girls use their precious Feet to dominate and show some loser who's in charge of his cock! In this four clip compilation the girls trample a guy, put a foot in one's mouth and work on the guys cocks using their sexy bare feet. The guys can't withstand it and they cum all over the girls Feet! WARNING : Graphic evidence of Female Supremacy is included in these NOT watch these clips unless you understand that we are better than you. We have the Pussys; We are in charge!
Duration - 00:10:19
Sex Acts - Footplay, Handjob
Positions - Laying, Standing
Duration - 00:05:08
Positions - Sitting
Duration - 00:09:29
Sex Acts - Oral Sex
Positions - Laying
Duration - 00:12:28
Sex Acts - Handjob
Positions - Laying