Please Make Me Your Man Whore

Released - Aug 2017 Duration - 16 minutes
Director - Sally D'Angelo
Guys, have you ever wished your straight wife would get a little kinky but you're afraid to 'reveal' your secret desires? Watch this video and Ted will show you how to help get the wife there in a round about way without revealing your fetish desires directly. Watch as his wife Sally discovers something about herself as she goes from merely willing to experiment to an eager and enthusiastic participant in strapon sex. In fact, she might never let him fuck any other way when it's all over! Clearly she's on her way to becoming his full blown Mistress the way she's pounding his tight ass and screaming as she cums while making him cum so hard that be blows a wad all the way up onto her tits! Then she wipes off some tit cum and puts it to his lips and makes him taste it....she's clearly no longer a 'straight wife' and Ted gets lucky! Watch it and learn....maybe you'll get lucky too! Features extreme high heels, revealing bra, stockings, strapon sex, straight wife becomes kinky wife, big cum shot, mini skirt dress.
Duration - 00:15:57
Sex Acts - Anal Sex
Positions - Doggy Style, Missionary