Lounging Lovers

Released - Oct 2015 Duration - 28 minutes
Director - Miss Annie Gow
Dion lies sleeping, not keen on waking up, and going out with her friend Mae. Mae has a naughty look in her eyes, she’s going to be really creepy and get some pussy licking in no matter what! Dion loves it and comes in her mouth as she swallows up the clit and labia in big hungry mouthfuls of juicy goodness. “I’m gonna lick your arse! I’m gonna make you cum so many times,” says Mae to Dion, as she’s bent over on all fours. Orgasms keep flowing, the sex is constant, as the girls keep coming over and over again. The chemistry is electrifying, those pussies are aching for more more more.
Duration - 00:28:12
Stars - Mae, Dion (f)
Positions - Kneeling, Laying