Phase X

Released - Aug 2017 Duration - 53 minutes
The Rubber whore follows now a bad game with different Rubber Masks, Gags and her Air. As you can imagine this pumps up her dick up again. Such a shame that she can not enjoy it long cause now comes the strapon! First she must learn to blow and then the Mistress takes her virgin ass! It looks like it made her real horny as the Mistress explains to her that she will get fucked exactly in this position from the male customers in her dungeon soon. But the drama for her rubber slut goes on, he is spent in the rubber cocoon and his balls get stretched tightly. Then comes an inflatable gag and the darkness in the form of a blindfold over him. The treatment gets his dick quickly vertical, and how horny it is only when the Mistress put her rubber ass on his face. What I had forgotten to mention to the rubber slut is that one can be milked and some sperm splashes, but this does not automatically mean that there is also an orgasm.