Bitches And Pets 2

Released - Mar 2017 Duration - 96 minutes
Series - Bitches And Pets
If she behaves like a good pet should, then maybe she’ll be treated with a big hard dildo bone. Watch this dynamic all girl assortment of Mistress and slave relations in a “hole” new way. Good pet bad pet getting put to the test, when their Mistresses decide to punish or treat. Their puppy eyes will make you feel like all they want is to be a pet and grovel between their Mistress’s thighs. And when they disobey, and they do disobey, these haughty Mistresses get them back on the obedience path with an ample application of corporal punishment. But, their dripping slut holes want to be slapped teased and manipulated and their Mistresses know these naughty ladies are begging to be played with!