HostelXXX: Cristi Ann

Released - Jul 2017 Duration - 37 minutes
Series - HostelXXX
Big-breasted blonde cutie Cristi Ann is on vacation boating and soaking in the Florida sun. Everything is going great until she returns to shore and realizes she's been conned by the man who had purported to be the owner of the boat she rented. Now she's broke, stranded and has no ID! Don't worry slut, there just so happens to be a nearby hostel that caters to girls in your situation. The Innkeeper Jay shows her the only currency they accept: sexual submission, and soon some very intense BDSM action ensues. Rope bondage, whipping, extreme rough sex, gagging, spanking, sexual humiliation and a big messy facial! This unsuspecting slut really does whatever it takes for room and board.
Duration - 00:05:57
Stars - Cristi Ann
Positions - Standing
Duration - 00:11:52
Stars - Cristi Ann
Positions - Kneeling, Standing
Duration - 00:13:37
Stars - Cristi Ann