Feet And Legs 2

Released - Jun 2017 Duration - 40 minutes
Series - Feet And Legs
Warning: This five clip Feet and Legs compilation is the hottest girl feet and legs of all time! Six of the hottest Jerky Girls use their feet and legs to lure men to cum on their soles, and legs! What's the two things boys just can't resist? Hot lady feet and legs! Girls have soft, curvy, sexy feet, and you guys love them! Watch as six Jerky Girls dominate men with their hot long silky legs, soft sexy feet. You guys will love watching them in this five clip compilation!
Duration - 00:12:40
Stars - Cosima
Positions - Kneeling, Laying
Duration - 00:09:24
Stars - Courtney
Sex Acts - Footplay, Handjob
Positions - Laying
Duration - 00:06:14
Stars - Pamela
Sex Acts - Handjob, Breast Play
Positions - Standing
Duration - 00:04:18
Stars - Erika
Sex Acts - Footplay
Positions - Laying
Duration - 00:07:38
Stars - Meagan, Jemma
Sex Acts - Footplay, Handjob
Positions - Laying, Sitting