Hogtied: Stacey Cash

Released - Feb 2007 Duration - 52 minutes
Series - Hogtied
It has been almost a year since Hogtied last had Stacey Cash bound and helpless. After such a long absence, she was nervous and even bit scared. She has a unique way of dealing with her fears. In the end, we found that nothing has changed with Stacey since her last visit - she still has a smoking hot body, she still hates super hard play, and she still needs gagged every second. To tell the truth she would make a terrible submissive, but that just makes it all the more fun. To her everything is extreme, which is fine by us, as that just means it's easier to fuck with her.
Duration - 00:12:19
Stars - Stacey Cash
Positions - Standing
Duration - 00:08:51
Stars - Stacey Cash
Positions - Laying
Duration - 00:08:39
Stars - Stacey Cash
Positions - Suspended/Inverted
Duration - 00:08:02
Stars - Stacey Cash
Sex Acts - Bondage, Masturbation
Positions - Hog-Tied, Laying, Sitting
Duration - 00:14:09
Stars - Stacey Cash
Positions - Kneeling