Prison Boys: Psychotic Cellie

Released - Apr 2017 Duration - 16 minutes
Director - Nica Noelle
Series - Prison Boys
In prison, hard men scratch their itches by dominating the shy boys who won't say no. Ty Roderick is a hot but overbearing inmate who takes anything he wants, including his cellmate Jesse Coulter's ass. Incarcerated black stud Cutler X is appealing his case, and his sexy, caring lawyer Adam Russo works pro bono and pro boner. Hot daddy prison guard Trenton Ducati watched the show while Ty made Jesse his bitch, but he knows he could do a better job of fucking that ass—and he's here to prove it. Trenton has a taste for young ass that Jesse can't satisfy alone, and now the guard initiates cute new rich boy prisoner Mike DeMarko with a hot screw in his cell. Written and directed by Nica Noelle.