Evergreen 2: Where Have All The Nylons Gone

Duration - 63 minutes
Studio - Bob's Videos
Director - Bob Alexander
Series - Evergreen
Nylons.......They used to be a major part of a women’s wardrobe. Women wore sheer, expensive hose to be dressed up, along with spike heels and short skirts. They put unmistakable emphasis on their lower bodies. They were not only feminine, but sexy, professional and elegant. There were also everyday stockings. Many women wore sheers with their daily wardrobe of dresses, skirts and even pants. They made women's legs look smooth and tan, toned and shapely the way they sparkled and reflected light. Tiny skin imperfections disappeared and were smoothed out by slinky sheer. Yes they were a nuisance sometimes and getting an unsightly run or making necessary adjustments could spoil a gal’s day. All that feminine attire was a terrific way to flirt and start up a conversation.
Duration - 00:10:37
Sex Acts - Footplay
Duration - 00:11:00
Sex Acts - Footplay, Wet / Messy
Duration - 00:10:17
Duration - 00:10:32
Duration - 00:09:40
Sex Acts - Footplay, Breast Play