Bob's Videos 902: Climbing The Nylon Stairway

Released - Nov 2013 Duration - 70 minutes
Director - Bob Alexander
Series - Bob's Videos
Many women have discovered the lush secret of wearing nylon stockings, Despite a constant struggle with gravity, nylons are feminine, delicate and amazingly sensual. Angelica wears classic reinforced heel and toe hose to perfection, and every part of her leg and foot is smooth and alluring. Randy chooses to show off a dusky grey shade of vintage nylon stocking, while she thanks Piero for sending the hosiery all the way from Italy. She further explain how sexual they are... in rather public places, where she ends up doing some amazing things... very naughty stuff right out in the open! And finally long legged Jayden Cole shows off her nylon covered legs and feet in every position possible before she bathes and changes back to an evening pair of European vintage hose. She'll also instruct you on the best way to play with your cock while she plays with her moist pussy.
Duration - 00:19:09
Stars - Jayden Cole
Positions - Laying, Sitting, Standing
Duration - 00:35:48
Stars - Angelica Saige
Positions - Sitting, Standing
Duration - 00:15:35
Stars - Randy Moore
Positions - Sitting, Standing