Bob's Videos Private Editions: Ultimate Nylon 37: Off The Clock Secretaries

Duration - 80 minutes
Director - Bob Alexander
Memphis Monroe loves to play dress up whenever she's off the clock. Dressed in all white lace, she's a playful kitten in her sheer teddy on top with lacey panty skirt below. On the circular stairs you'll love looking 'up' to her. Laurie Wallace is on her break, but still, all business when she sits on the leather couch and talks dirty while her naughty fantasies flash through her mind. She describes sexy memories and hidden desires, and soon her fingers are buried deep inside her wet pussy. The film flashes back to Memphis, returning home after a typical day at work, but once she's off the clock she starts to relax, peeling away her clothes starting with her office heels. Pretty soon she's on the floor, naked except for her nylons. Finally the film segues to one of Laurie's memories, a spicy hot session of mutual leg and foot worship she recently had with co-worker Angel Cassidy. It started innocently enough with a foot rub, and later opened the door to them becoming permanent lovers.
Duration - 00:06:38
Stars - Memphis Monroe
Positions - Standing
Duration - 00:28:46
Stars - Laurie Wallace
Positions - Laying, Kneeling
Duration - 00:30:41
Stars - Laurie Wallace
Sex Acts - Stripping, Masturbation
Positions - Laying
Duration - 00:13:39
Positions - Laying