Kicks And Licks

Duration - 35 minutes
Director - Steve Lake
Mistress Mea is behind the desk and orders you in. The hot platinum blonde gives you your instructions and then orders you to kiss and lick the bottoms of Her heels as She puts Her long legs up on the desk. She is 5’9” without the heels and Her legs are endless. She comes around the desk and that is when the POV fun really starts as you worship Her shoes and have one placed over your face fresh from Her foot to sniff. You suck Her heels while She is on the desk and then kiss Her ass. She appears next seated on the desk kicking a pair of tied balls. It's Kicks And Licks for this slave as Miss Mea kicks his balls with one long leg and has him lick the bottom of Her shoe at the same time. Constant aching in his nuts and pleasure from serving as the bottom of Her shoe cleaner. She moves to the mantle where there are many pair of heels and selects another pair. She sits on the slave and puts them on then kicks him into position on all fours. She holds the cord around his balls and kicks him over and over in the sides. She kicks the back of his tied balls and makes him kiss the feet that hurt them. He is ordered to worship from the backs of Her heels all the way up Her long legs to kiss Her nylon covered ass. The slave lays back braced on the black cushion as Miss Mea sits above him on the desk. Time for some high heel torment as She pokes holes into his chest and squeezes his neck tight. Her heels become weapons to inflict agony and She truly enjoys his suffering under Her feet. When his front is sufficiently tormented She orders him to his back and spikes him hard. She strolls behind him and kicks his balls and then he is made to worship the shoes that hurt him as She looks down on him, constantly delivering verbal humiliation.
Duration - 00:10:14
Stars - Mistress Mea
Sex Acts - Footplay